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The Atmosphere Simulator Block is in charge of the propagation of reflected/emitted light from the surface through the atmosphere for an Earth surface pointing scene. The execution of an atmospheric RTM for the simulation of the TOA radiance can be computationally very demanding for large size scenes. The option selected for BIBLOS is to generate an atmospheric Look-Up-Table (LUT) with several combinations of atmospheric/illumination/viewing conditions. This is a flexible configuration, as the user can modify or change the LUT with a RTM that suits their mission. The LUT will also be used later in Level-2 Retrieval Module and. The main atmospheric parameters that characterize the optical properties of the atmosphere are Aerosol type, Aerosol Optical Thickness, Water Vapour Column, Carbon Dioxide, Ozone Content. Package contains B_AtmosphereSimulator class and B_LUTRead header file that deals with LUT reading.