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The Resampling Block interpolates the input external image to the Scene Generator Module to the observation are as calculated by the Geometry Module. The external input image to this Block is either an image in Top-of-Canopy (TOC) reflectances or an image in the biophysical parameter. The output of the Block is the same (TOC or bio/geophysical parameter), resampled to the lat/lon grid defined in the geometry AOCS/Instrument coupling Block matrix. Input image should have a finer resolution than the observation area grid with already applied sampling factor. For each detector element, the Instrument Projection algorithm projects the pixel array onto the imaging area. The energy received depends on the Instantaneous Field Of View (IFOV) and pixel dimensions. In BIBLOS a constant nominal pixel size is considered. There is no attenuation considered due to pixel size. In the following equation, size_pixel is considered equal to size_ref.