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Instrument module. This is a module composed of the Biblos.Spatial and Biblos.Radiometric blocks.The Instrument Module is in charge of simulating the sensor behaviour. The sensors for the passive optical instrument measure the energy, the radiant flux that it receives. The main types of passive optical instruments are:• Multi-band spectrometers• Radiometers• Prism-grating spectrometers• Fourier transform spectrometers.The quality of the image is determined by the spatial, spectral and radiometric resolution.• Spatial resolution is the size of the ground sampling distance. This how big is the pixel projected on Earth due to the Instantaneous Field Of View (IFOV).• The spectral resolution is the size of the wavelength range of the energy recorded. The smaller the wavelength range, the better the spectral resolution.• The radiometric resolution is the number of energy levels that the instrument can distinguish. The radiometric resolution is dependent on the number of bits the sensor has available to store the information, so the number of radiometric levels is a power of two. A sensor with 4 has 2^4 levels, from 0-15. A sensor with 8 bits has 2^4 levels, from 0-255.