Active Microwave


The Instrument Model is in charge of characterizing the active microwave instrument and the conversion of the signal to digital numbers. The output of this module is Lvl0 data.

The following Blocks have been identified:

  • Transmitting Chain
  • Convolution with the scene map
  • Receiving Chain
  • Digital Subsystem
  • Antenna Pattern Model


Biblos.COTS This is Biblos COTS package with installation script. Script installs libraries:- kissFFT- boost- netcdf- zlib- hdf5- eigen

Biblos.Commons This is a package common for all the Blocks and Modules. Commons contain helper functions e.g. for reading NetCDF or parsing XML files as well as Blocks and Modules interfaces.

Tool: Tiff to NetCDF converter BIBLOS works with NetCDF format for the images. This is a tool to convert Tiff to NetCDF. It is external to BIBLOS, the user shall convert the image offline. THe package includes an executable, a README file (with instructions) and an example auxiliary file.