Active Optical


The Instrument Module is in charge of simulating the sensor behaviour, from the signal acquisition, instrument noises and analog-to-digital conversion together.

Accordingly, the architecture for active optical instrument the following Blocks are

  • The Laser Transmitter Block generates the laser pulse to propagate into the atmosphere down to the surface. The emitted wavelength drives the signal strength through atmospheric and surface scattering properties and atmospheric transmission.
  • The Spatial Block performs the spatial resampling along the LOS down to the surface taking into account spatial non-uniformity sources.
  • The Spectral Block is in charge of resampling from the finer working resolution of the scene generator to the spectral configuration of the sensor. The key component is the Front-end optics.
  • The Radiometric Block converts the radiance into digital numbers. It also introduces the radiometric errors Photonic Noise, PRNU, DSNU and defective pixels.


Biblos.COTS This is Biblos COTS package with installation script. Script installs libraries:- kissFFT- boost- netcdf- zlib- hdf5- eigen

Biblos.Commons This is a package common for all the Blocks and Modules. Commons contain helper functions e.g. for reading NetCDF or parsing XML files as well as Blocks and Modules interfaces.

Tool: Tiff to NetCDF converter BIBLOS works with NetCDF format for the images. This is a tool to convert Tiff to NetCDF. It is external to BIBLOS, the user shall convert the image offline. THe package includes an executable, a README file (with instructions) and an example auxiliary file.