Active Optical

Level-1 Processing

The Level-1 Processing Module is responsible for the generation of level-1 products, from level-1a to level-1c. Raw Data is inputted in the module and processed to remove instrument noises, recover the pixel uniformity and perform calibration and geolocation of the acquired profile.

The L0 pre-processing (e.g. decompression of data packages) is not taken into account.

The L1 simulation contains the following Blocks:

  • The Geolocation Block calculates the range, latitude, longitude, height of each sample of the profile.
  • The Radiometric Corrections Block corrects the DSNU, the detector chain linearity corrections, background subtraction for Straylight and laser energy normalisation.
  • The Cross-talk Analysis computes the cross-talk parameters that allow the retrieval of the Mie and Rayleigh scattering profiles.
  • The Physical Signal Retrieval Block
  • The Calibration Block performs the radiometric, spectral and dark noise calibration based on instrument measures on a calibration target


Biblos.COTS This is Biblos COTS package with installation script. Script installs libraries:- kissFFT- boost- netcdf- zlib- hdf5- eigen

Biblos.Commons This is a package common for all the Blocks and Modules. Commons contain helper functions e.g. for reading NetCDF or parsing XML files as well as Blocks and Modules interfaces.

Tool: Tiff to NetCDF converter BIBLOS works with NetCDF format for the images. This is a tool to convert Tiff to NetCDF. It is external to BIBLOS, the user shall convert the image offline. THe package includes an executable, a README file (with instructions) and an example auxiliary file.