Integration in OpenSF

This guide refers to creating session in OpenSF which executes Biblos modules:

  1. Geometry Module (visit Biblos.Geometry for more information)
  2. Scene Generator Module (visit Biblos.SceneGenerator for more information)
  3. Instrument Module (visit Biblos.Instrument for more information)

For more information on how to use OpenSF please refer to System Users Manual avaliable in OpenSF website.


  1. Open OpenSF
  2. Open configuration and modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH (add paths for OSFI, EOCFI, Biblos.COTS, BIBLOS libraries)
  3. Create 6 descriptors (input and output for each module). To check arguments for the modules refer to the GMV-BIBLOS-UM_User_Manual_1.0 chapter 9.
  4. Create 3 model stages (geometry,  scene_generation, instrument) and 3 models (geometry module, scene generator module and instrument module). Attach local configuration file for each module.
  5. Create session. Add all 3 stages. Attach global configuration file.
  6. Click run.

For more information refer to GMV-BIBLOS-UM_User_Manual_1.0.

The Proof of Concept Software package contains already integrated example scenario and Biblos.ProofOfConcept, ready to be used in OpenSF.