BIBLOS v2.1 is an updated version of BIBLOS v2.0 with several code and interface improvements. Changes are included in documentation available on this site and listed in release notes. To facilitate installation the BIBLOS v2.1 is delivered as installation package.

Terms and Licensing

By downloading the code You agree to terms and conditions and software license.

Software Documents applicable to BIBLOS v2.1

Please read the documents below for information on compatible versions of EOCFI, OpenSF:


BIBLOS can be downloaded in form of automated installers for some operating systems or source files and dependencies to be installed manually.

File Comments
Installer for GNU/Linux and MacOS Automated installer with COTS.
Download installation pakage, extract to preferred location and run script
source -c $desired_path_to_cots -i $desired_path_to_sources.
Tar file MD5: 62fe7223b038ffb9f1f7d7c7ff2145ec
Verification and Validation

Regression tests were prformed for BIBLOS v2.1 with output reported as below. Tests for BIBLOS v2.0 are still valid.


Test level

Type Code Name Version
Module Report BIBLOS2-GMV-D9 Software Unit Integration Test Report 2.4

All inputs data for Building Blocks level, Modules level and PoC level are part of installation packages.


BIBLOS v2.1 requires a set of external libraries to be installed and tools. Links to libraries and tools are provided here. Note that tools are supposed to be installed on target system, while external libraries are provided with installer. Required versions of external libraries are:

Library Version
OSFI above or equal 3.5.2
EOCFI version 4.18
Boost C++ Libraries above or equal 1.71.0
Kiss FFT above or equal commit 1efe72041e00868c3c71eaf569343ee132a4fbb9
Gnuplot-iostream above or equal commit 7a5fed24bbce977caafeeed773b20dbf31f43d52
NetCDF above or equal 4.7.3
zlib above or equal 1.2.11
HDF5 above or equal 1.10.5
Eigen above or equal 3.3.7
Xerces above or equal 3.2.2
Tool Version
GCC including g++ (on Linux) or XCode (on MacOS) GCC version above 7.4.0, XCode version 11.3
Make any version compatible with GNU
CMake above or equal 3.13.4
Tar any compatible with GNU 1.27.1
Unzip above version 6.0
M4 above version 1.4.16
Bash above version 4.3.42
Gnuplot above version 5.0